High-level Technological Services

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High-level Technological Services


CONICET is a world-renowned institution, known for the excellence of its scientific production. Besides, in recent years, CONICET has developed, a policy of openness and connection with society, making its experience in research and development available to socioeconomic sectors.

Technology Transfer involves taking investigations from the laboratory to companies and institutions, transforming research into products that solve specific problems. 

High-Level Technological Services (STANs, by its acronym in Spanish) provide highly specialized services, transferring to society the results of CONICET research and development (R&D) activities. STANs are offered to third parties (companies, government agencies, NGOs, etc.) using CONICET's equipment and infrastructure.


Currently, CEDIE has the following seven services to meet our client's specific demands:


Design and analysis of clinical research projects
Clinical Research Support Services
Histology and Immunohistochemistry
Cell Cultures, Marker Analysis and Flow Cytometry
Identification and Quantitative Analysis of low molecular weight organic compounds by UPLC-MS / MS
High-Performance Computing Service
Molecular genetics and Genomics Services


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