Growth Factors and Tumor Biology


We are interested in the basic and clinical aspects of endocrine tumor progression or other cell lines diagnosed in paediatric patients. We study how the Insulin-like Growth Factor (IGFs) system participates in the onset and progression of adrenal medulla tumors (pheochromocytomas) weather associated or not with genetic diseases and in Central Nervous System tumors in paediatric patients. We also study IGFs prognostic value in these pathologies.


Main projects

  • Insulin-like Growth Factor (IGFs) system in central nervous system tumours in paediatric patients.
  • IGF-1 receptor type 1 (IGF-1R) and brachyury transcription factor (brachy) expresion in paediatric thyroid nodular disease: basic and clinical studies.
  • Molecular markers in paediatric CNS tumours. Their importance as diagnostic tools, their prognostic value and therapeutic opportunities.


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