Endocrinology Outpatient Clinic

The Endocrinology Outpatient Clinic at the HNRG provides specialized,

multi-disciplinary care to children and adolescents with pediatric endocrine disorders.

Each year approximately 12,000 children and adolescents

with medium and high complexity endocrinological disorders are admitted in our clinic.


Chief, Division of Endocrinology:

Ignacio BERGADA, MD, PhD (contact: ibergada@cedie.org.ar)


Divisions and Staff:


Growth and Development 

Bergadá Ignacio (contact: ibergada@cedie.org.ar)

Keselman Ana (contact: akeselman@cedie.org.ar)

Braslavsky Débora (contact: dbraslavsky@cedie.org.ar)

Sanguineti Nora (contact: nsanguineti@cedie.org.ar)


Thyroid Pathology in Children and Adolescents

Chiesa Ana (contact: achiesa@cedie.org.ar)

Papendieck Patricia (contact: ppapendieck@cedie.org.ar)

Enacan Rosa (contact: renacan@cedie.org.ar)


Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal axis

Bergadá Ignacio (contact: ibergada@cedie.org.ar)

Vieites Ana (contact: avieites@cedie.org.ar)


Bone Metabolism

Cassinelli Hamilton (contact: hcassinelli@cedie.org.ar)


Child and Adolescent Gynecology (Pituitary–Ovarian axis)

Gryngarten Mirta (contact: mgryngarten@cedie.org.ar)

Arcari Andrea (contact: aarcari@cedie.org.ar)

Freire Analía (contact: afreire@cedie.org.ar)


Gonadal Development

Rey Rodolfo (contact: rodolforey@cedie.org.ar)

Grinspon Romina (contact: rgrinspon@cedie.org.ar)


We provide specific and individualised medical care, guidance and education.