Gonadal Cell Biology


Our group aims to generate new knowledge about the molecular mechanisms involved in the proper functioning of the testis, which leads to the normal development of spermatogenesis. The final objective is to contribute to the understanding of pathologies of the male gonadal axis that cannot be explained with the information that is currently available.


Main projects

  1. Role of SIRT1 in arresting immature Sertoli cell proliferation and in regulating differentiated functions.
  2. Deleterious effects of environmental toxins on proliferation and maintenance of the differentiated functions of Sertoli cells.
  3. Effects of metformin on the proliferation and energy metabolism of Sertoli cells and the possible molecular mechanisms involved.
  4. Role of glycolysis and reductive glutaminolysis/carboxylation in FSH regulation of immature Sertoli cell proliferation.
  5. Effects of leptin and adiponectin on proliferation and differentiated functions of the Sertoli cell.
  6. Hormonal regulation of the molecular mechanisms involved in lipid metabolism in Sertoli cells.
  7. Study of the expression of Sestrins in the testis and their participation in the response to metabolic stress factors in the Sertoli cell.


Staff members

Silvina MERONI, PhD (contact: smeroni@cedie.org.ar)

María Fernanda RIERA, PhD (contact: friera@cedie.org.ar)

María Noel GALARDO, PhD (contact: mngalardo@cedie.org.ar)

Gustavo RINDONE, PhD

Agostina GORGA, MSc

Cecilia CENTOLA, MSc

Eliana PELLIZZARI, PhD (contact: epellizzari@cedie.org.ar)

María del Carmen CAMBEROS, PhD (contact: mccamberos@cedie.org.ar)