According to the "2020-2024 Strategic Plan", CEDIE has six interacting commissions, each with its corresponding objetives.






  • To promote actions to reduce occupational risks and improve the safety of the workplace environment.
  • To adapt the building facilities to the existing biosafety standards.
  • To provide updated guidelines and regulations to make the workplace safe and healthy.






  • To promote effective and efficient - vertical, horizontal, and bidirectional - internal communication.
  • To promote global communication.
  • To ensure the maintenance and the adaptation to the emerging needs of the communication systems.
  • To create, maintain and manage content on the institutional website and social media official sites.






  • To instruct research groups on grant application sources to obtain scientific research funding.
  • To generate strategies to obtain funding for the acquisition and maintenance of large-scale equipment.
  • To generate strategies to obtain funding for the maintenance, and its adaptation to emerging needs, of the building facilities.
  • To prepare the annual budget.
  • To manage the funds received from different sources, e.g., research projects, technological services, consultancies, courses, etc.



Scientific and Technological Development



  • To promote the generation and implementation of research projects.
  • To support the creation and implementation of specialized courses, high-level technological services, and consultancies.
  • To train medical professionals encouraging them to pursue a research career in medical science.
  • To promote agreements with public and private Universities to create internship programs.
  • To promote career development and training of researchers, fellows, and support staff.
  • To encourage research groups to apply for grants to obtain scientific research funding.



Building Facilities and Equipment



  • To ensure the maintenance of the building facilities.
  • To ensure equipment maintenance.
  • To promote the acquisition of new equipment.



Internal Relationships



  • To continuously evaluate the working environment to build and maintain effective working relationships.
  • To develop and implement formal policies and procedures to improve the quality of the working environment, promoting a harmonious workplace.
  • To collect, organize and periodically update staff data.
  • To provide opportunities for the integral development of the staff.