Relationship between the Growth Hormone (GH)–Insulin-like Growth Factors (IGF)-I axis and growth retardation


Our group studies growth retardation mainly associated with alterations in the Growth Hormone (GH)—Insulin-like Growth Factor (IGFs) axis. Because in many cases the problem has an unknown origin, our objective is to improve the diagnostic capacity to offer adequate treatment for each patient's disorder.

Main Projects

  • Identification of new aetiologies and their underlying pathogenic mechanism in children with short stature: towards personalised medicine in growth disorders.
  • Pharmacovigilance in children treated with GH: dose titration using growth factors as a biochemical safety parameter.
  • Ophthalmological evaluation in paediatric patients receiving recombinant human GH.
  • Functional characterisation of zebrafish mutations identified in GH-IGF1 pathway genes.
  • In vitro functional characterisation of gene variants found in children with short stature.
  • Mechanisms of action through which STAT3 mutations affect STAT5b signalling in response to GH.
  • Study of 2-ozaxolidinone derivatives as potential STAT3 inhibitors.
  • Functional characterization of gene variants found in children with suspected insensitivity to IGF1.


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